Conference Reports on file in the FDTA office:  (for a copy of a conference report please contact the FDTA office)

  • Mathematics for Elementary Teachers:  J. Wenda-Szoltysek

  • POPARD Helping Schools Help Students:  D.  Cameron

  • Ross Greene Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Conference:  S. Jones, R. Storey

  • Ethics in Counselling and Youth Self Harm:  K. Keast

  • CBEEN 2017 Inquiring Voices Sustainability Symposium:  K. Purdy

  • Yoga Teacher Training:  M. Traub

  • PSA Super Conference 2017:  D. Degagne, A. Barras, L. Shully, H. Lloyd, S. Finch, A. Forefield, J. Jackson, A. Smith, J. Howard, R. Esch, L. Weber, T. Skead, K. Conlin, C. Smith

  • Visit to Observe Arrowsmith Alternate School Program:  K. McKeown

  • Alberta Music Educators' Association Conference:  B. Bassett

  • Manitoba Museum Of Human Rights & Freedoms:  W. Percy

  • Learning Disabilities & Associated Disorders:  T. Wagner

  • St. Eugene Writers' Conference:  D. Gibson

  • Gonzaga Basketball Coaches Clinic:  I. Jarrell, J. Mill

  • California STEAM Conference 2017:  S. Larsen, J. Parker

  • Social Thinking:  J. Schacker

  • CrossFit Level 2:  C. Smith

  • Alberta Teachers' Association Fall Math Conference:  P. Chow