(Dependent of FDTA Member)


1)         General Information


1.1       The Fernie District Teachers' Association (FDTA) is offering three (3) scholarships of eight hundred dollars ($800.00) each.

1.2       All monies shall be held in a trust fund and shall be administered by the FDTA.


2)         Eligibility


Each scholarship may be awarded only to a student who:


2.1       is among the top 3 applicants;

2.2       plans to enter a recognized post-secondary institution;

2.3              achieves a minimum of 50% in all courses required for graduation;

2.4              is a dependent of a present member of the FDTA and is attending a

public school in Canada.


3)         Basis of Award


Awards shall be made on the basis of the requirements given below.


3.1       The successful candidates will have among the top three average percentages based on the following courses:

a)                  Language Arts 10;

b)                  Language Arts 11;

c)                  Language Arts 12;

d)                 Social Studies 10;

e)                  Social Studies 11, BC First Nations Studies 12 or Civic Studies 11;

f)                   Mathematics 10;

g)                  Mathematics 11 or 12;

h)                  Science 10;

i)                    Science 11 or 12;

j)                    Physical Education 10;

k)                  Fine Arts and/or an Applied Skills 10, 11, or 12

l)                    Planning 10


3.2       The Administrative Officer shall be responsible for supplying a photocopy of an applicant’s PR record and report card.  Marks considered will be those found on the applicant’s PR record and the mid-term marks from the 2nd semester, where applicable.



3.3       An interview, if deemed necessary by the Scholarship Committee, will be arranged by the FDTA.

3.5       In the event of a tie for the third scholarship, the $800.00 will be evenly split between the tied applicants.

3.6       Candidates must make application prior to May 1, using an application form available from each secondary school.

4)         Procedures for Award


4.1       The winner of the award shall receive a letter from the President of the FDTA indicating that he/she has won the award.

4.2       The letter shall be presented by the recipient to the post-secondary institution, which shall be requested to verify the enrollment of the student.

4.3       No monies shall be paid until the President of the FDTA receives this verification.

4.4       There may be a deferment of no more than one year on the part of the recipient.

4.5       The FDTA Scholarship Committee reserves the right to refuse/withdraw payment of the scholarship.


FDTA Scholarship Application

FDTA Scholarship Application.pdf

Deadline: May 1st